Are waist beads evil? - Things you were never told about waist beads

Are waist beads evil? - Things you were never told about waist beads

Are waist beads evil? - Things you were never told about waist beads

Are waist beads evil? This is not a new topic again, but, this is a new opinion and eye-opener to the truth behind the African waist beads.

Many people have contributed and individuals have given their say about whether waist beads are evil or not. But to be honest, I've never been satisfied with what I saw on the internet. And this has made me decide to give my cent concerning waist beads being evil.

If not 100%, then 99% of men today do not like waist beads because of what they heard about them. These people have been lied to. Men, most especially believe that a girl can take their destiny, enslave or harm them through waist beads. This claim can either be true or false depending on who you are dealing with.

If you say waist beads are evil because of how people portray them, then, I can tell you eyeglasses, necklaces, chains, slippers, eyelashes, wristwatches, and other adornments that beautify you are also evil.

Are waist beads evil
Waist beads

Before we can say waist beads are evil, we need to trace them back to their origin. In African culture, waist beads are known and popular among women, especially the maiden and young women who are ripe for marriage. It is a sign that a woman is mature to have a fiance in some parts of African countries like Ghana and Senegal. While in other places, it is mere fashion and adornments equipment just like what is mentioned above; necklaces and others.

The belief that waist beads are evil comes with the spiritual works that some people do with them. It is believed that some women use waist beads to lure men and other unprintable acts. Even though this aspect of waist beads cannot be overemphasized, it is not enough reason to label waist beads as evil.

Benefits of waist beads

Apart from using waist beads to monitor weight gain and weight loss, other benefits of African waist beads are numerous. Some are to;

• Protect pregnant woman and the unborn child

• Believe to make pregnant women deliver safely in some African countries.

• Boost self-esteem

• Make you look more attractive.

Should we call something of these great benefits evil?

If you will ask for my opinion, I would rather say "people are evil" and should not be "Waist beads are evil".  I want you to know that it is not only waist beads that can be used to take destiny, lure a man, or do evil things. People use other things as well. So should we because of this label everything in the world as evil?

Are waist beads evil? - Things you were never told about waist beads

Waist beads have no power in themselves unless we give them one. Waist beads are innocent accessories. It is you and I that gave it the name evil. This is what we all need to know about waist beads.

The answer to this question is No. Waist beads are just an accessory for fashion and the beautification of the body. It has been in existence for years and no record has shown that waist beads have done evil whatsoever to anybody.

Religious beliefs are also another problem for the African people. People of different beliefs accept that waist beads are evil because their religious leaders told them so. These are assumptions. And like I said earlier, it is because of what most people use waist beads for that sprung up this belief. I've not heard that is it written in the Holy Bible or the Holy Quran that waist beads are evil.

I am not addressing religion here. That is not the purpose of writing this. I just wish that people; irrespective of their gender or belief could change their mindset about waist beads and stop labeling them as evil.


Conclusion on waist beads being evil

It is wrong to label waist beads as evil because someone believes it is evil or because of the circumstances that surround them. We seriously need to change our mindset about waist beads and stop calling them evil. We need to learn how to adore our own culture and stop celebrating white people over ourselves all the time.

Change your mindset to people who use waist beads as evil instead of calling waist beads evil.

I have just made my own opinion. You are allowed to also contribute through the comments section below.

Are waist beads evil? No, they are not.

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