How to tie waist beads correctly but - (With Pictures)

How to tie waist beads correctly but - (With Pictures)

How to tie waist beads correctly: Illustration with pictures

The ultimate guide on how to tie waist beads correctly with pictures attached.

Is there a specific way to tie waist beads that you need to know? Well, let's both go through this post and see.

Let it be at the lower of your belly like the picture attached below, then wrap the whole bead across your waist and hold it with your thumbs at the point you want it to sit.

Before the religious era took over and change many people's beliefs about our tradition, Tying and using waist beads are one of the most paraded fashions amongst our mothers.

But what went wrong today? Waist beads are now seen as evil. Is waist beads evil? Are there any spiritual side effects of tying waist beads?

If you ask me all these questions, my answer will be simple and it's going to be No. Waist beads are not evil. They are one of the few ways our ladies showcase their beauty in the olden days. Though very few people still tie waist beads today.

Waist beads add to the beauty of a lady when she puts them on. Especially rounded ones. Check out: Tuslim capsules for weight loss and tummy trimming here

While the majority of women tie waist beads to enhance their beauty, other women tie waist beads to track their weight. They can easily know when they add or lose weight.

I am a lover of waist beads, so I know what I am talking about. Waist beads can be very attractive when put on right.

Now, how do you tie waist beads? Is there any special way to tie waist beads?

First and foremost, you need to understand that you cannot just put on beauty cosmetics without knowing how to use them and expect a good result. Just like other cosmetics, Waist beads need to be studied when it comes to trying them on your waist.

Usually, waist beads are tied permanently. That is, tied until they are worn out. You should tie your waist beads even when bathing, swimming, sleeping, or doing other exercises.

Waist beads have become parts of life and we cannot deny it.

In this post, I am going to give both audio ( written) and a pictorial way to tie your waist beads correctly.

Like I said earlier, when a waist bead is tied correctly, it is capable to add to one's beauty, boost confidence, and even allow you to showcase your "backside" very well.

Some guys today are dying over a girl not because of her choice of cloth only, but because they noticed she tie waist beads around her waist.

Without wasting time, let's quickly go to how to tie waist beads correctly.

How to tie waist beads correctly (with pictures)

• To tie waist beads, simply place the beads around your waist gently and roll it around either from the left corner or the right. It is usually easy if you do it from the right.

• Decide where you want the bead to sit. This should be under your belly along the panty line. After that, you will realize that there are excess beads around your waist, Remove them and tie 2-5 knots where the bead ends.

• Now it is time to work on the strings. Confirm with your hand to be sure that the beads are well tied around your waist. If yes, cut off the excess strings.

• After cutting the strings, you can use matches or a lighter to trim the edges.

• Confirm that it is not too tight. You should be able to sit comfortably, bloats, and bend without getting your waist beads cut off. Make sure your beads are comfortable.

Now, let's make illustrations with pictures...

The pictures below will show you exactly how to tie your waist beads correctly.

How to tie waist beads (with pictures)

1. Wrap the beads around your waist

How to tie waist beads correctly

Wrap the whole bead around your waist and hold it firmly around where you want it to stay. Let it be at the lower of your belly.

2. Identify and remove excess beads

How to tie waist beads correctly

While holding with your hands as illustrated in Picture 1, pull excess beads out and cut. Chose the number of beads you want to tie on your waist.

3. Tie and cut excess strings

How to tie waist beads correctly

After selecting the number of waist beads you want on your waist and removing the excess beads as illustrated in Picture 2, tie the knot 2-5 times and cut excess strings.

4. Trim the edge

How to tie waist beads correctly

This is the last stage when tying your waist beads. I assume that there are sharp edges at the end of those strings you cut in Picture 3. Kindly trim the edge with a lighter and rock your waist beads to the fullest.

However, you have to be careful in this stage so that you will not hurt yourself.

After trimming the edges, your waist beads are ready to be rocked.

Hope you find this article helpful.

Let me know in the comments section if I'm able to solve your problems on how to tie waist beads.

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